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Helping each child To Flourish

People in our School

Our main assets are our dedicated teams of teaching and support staff. Meet our staff members below:


Mr. Michael Carr

Class 1

Miss. Emily Corner (EY&KS1 Leader and Class 1 Teacher)
Miss. Lisa Walton (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs. Paula Moulton (Teaching Assistant)
Mr. Gavin Hussey (Teaching Assistant)

Class 2

Mrs Emma Acaster (Class Teacher)
Mrs. Naomi Thompson (Class Teacher)
Mrs. Helen Turland (Teaching Assistant)

Class 3

Mr. Billy Sloan (Class Teacher)
Mrs. Rebecca Hattam (Teaching Assistant)

Class 4

Mrs. Kate Durham (KS2 leader and Class 4 Teacher)
Mrs. Rachel Uttley (Teaching Assistant)

Class 5

Mrs. Lorraine Atkinson (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs. Lynn Orr (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs. Paula Moulton (Teaching Assistant)

Other Teaching Staff

Mrs. Molly Newton (Music Teacher)
Mrs. Rachel Uttley (French & PE Teacher)
Mrs Debbie Ashcroft (SENCO & Family Support)

Office Staff

Mrs. Trisha Reid (Office Administrator)
Mrs. Sarah Thomas (Office Administrator)
Mrs Adrian Fletcher (Business Manager)

Site Staff

Mr. Jona Moore

Hopscotch (breakfast & after school care)

Mrs. Shelley Drury (manager)
Mrs. Ann Frost
Miss. Julie Moor
Mrs. Sue Myers
Mr. Gavin Hussey

Midday Supervisors

Mrs. Polly Hayes (team leader)
Mrs. Lorraine Flanagan
Mrs. Sue Myers
Mr. Gavin Hussey
Mrs. Sam Hillyard