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Helping each child To Flourish


Y6 and Buddy2

“Christian values are top priority at Heworth Primary...children feel cared for and valued.  ” SIAMS

We believe that Heworth CE Primary is a very special place to be. Our last Ofsted inspection confirmed this view by saying that pastoral care was good and we know that this reputation for knowing and caring for each child as an individual is what attracts many families to our school.

Every week vulnerable children or pupils having a difficult have access to our School ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) and SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).  We have also recently added a family support worker to our roles in school to further enhance the care we can provide for our school community.  However, we truly believe that care for our pupils is the job of everyone at Heworth.  

Y6 and Buddy3

“Heworth has a lovely ethos - a friendly, caring environment.” Parent

We also pride ourselves on the strong relationships that all staff have with students, our behaviour system based on collective responsibility and mutual respect and underpinned by our believe in Forgiveness and a clean slate. Rewarding effort, manners and progress are essential and our rewards system includes 1/2 termly treats, house points, stickers, certificates as well as trips to the Headteacher's office for outstanding work and behaviour.

Care for the individual is also seen in the commitment of our children to volunteering. Our pupils take part in the Archbishop of York Youth Trust's Young Leaders Award every year.  This gives them lots of opportunities to show their school and local community how much they care. 

Y6 and Buddy1

We also buddy-up our Year 6 with our newest children when they come into Reception.  The care our oldest children show to our youngest students is a demonstration of the examples that the have seen throughout their time at Heworth.  This is not only a great way for Y6 children to show that they care but is also hugely beneficial to our youngest pupils as they settle in to school enabling them to fee happy, cared-for and safe

“The best thing about Heworth is knowing that someone cares for you and other people .” PUPIL