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The Heworth Mystery Plays


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In March 2019 and 2017, in conjunction with YoYo (York Schools & Youth Trust), Heworth Primary presented their own version of the famous York Mystery Plays.


The York Mystery plays have been performed since 1300s are well known throughout the world. The official York Mystery Plays website (click here) describe the plays as…

"The York Mystery Plays dramatise the greatest story ever told from the creation of heaven and earth to the last judgement. It's a story of good versus evil, of life and death and of love, betrayal, loss and hope."P3240354P3240360

The mystery plays have a very long tradition dating back hundreds of years. The style of the mystery plays was often through rhyming couplets. In the retelling of the Bible story, the mystery plays would bring together the Old and the New Testament in a sweeping narrative. This is a primary school version, written especially for Heworth Church of England School. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to direct the children and work with the whole school. I hope you enjoy their performance and the play.P3240405

In collaboration with YoYo, we thought that it would be great to do our own version of the Mystery plays called the 'Heworth Mystery Plays' written and directed by Tony Bower of YoYo.  We performed them to a packed Holy Trinity Church on 24 March 2017.

Please click on the links below to watch some examples of the plays.

Scene 1 by Class 4: The garden (Story of creation and the fall)

Scene 2 by Class 3: The flood (Story of Noah and the ark)

Scene 3 by Class 2: The promise (Story of Abraham and Sarah) - watch this space!

Scene 4 by Class 4: The exodus (Story of Moses)

Scene 5 by Class 1: The good king/king of kings (Story of David and the birth of Jesus)

Scene 6 by Class 5: The trial

Scene 7 by Class 5: The resurrection

The whole school singing 'Risen' - watch this space!