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Helping each child To Flourish


At Heworth we believe that offering an outstanding Music curriculum is vital for an all-round outstanding education.  We are rightly proud of what we offer children and even more proud of their achievements on an individual and much larger collective scale.

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"Music is a subject that is accessible to all children and develops self-confidence.  It's non-competitive and yet everyone achieves and feels good."

Our children are taught every week by a music specialist and given countless opportunities and experiences to develop their performance skills and appreciation of music.  This involves regular concerts at local and city wide events.

More than a quarter of our children currently attend our weekly singing club and 67 out of 144 children on role took part last year's annual Heworth Primary music concert.  Started in September 2016, our children are now given the further opportunity to join with other children from local Primary Schools and older KS3 pupils at Archbishop Holgate Secondary to be part of a cross schools orchestra.

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"Heworth is such a supportive, flourishing environment for music!"

But it doesn't stop there.  At Heworth we never let small get in the way of offering our children a good deal.  Our pupils are currently able to access learning the following musical instruments in school:

  • Cello
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Ukuele
  • Brass
  • And hopefully drums very soon!

Mrs Newton, our music specialist, is also happy to point you in the right direction should you wish to find external musical instrument lessons that take place outside of the school day.

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Click on the links below to see videos of some examples of music at Heworth.

 May 2018 - Heworth recording a song to be used by the Church of England at Bishopthorpe Palace

February 2017 - Y6 Music Lesson

January 2018 - Heworth feature as part of a visit to the National Centre for Early Music